Let’s talk about regets — we all have ’em right? And if you fall into the I-don’t-have-any-regrets crowd, I flat-out don’t believe you. Sure, maybe you don’t dwell on past mistakes, but there HAS to be one moment in your life where you wish you had a do-over.

I sure do. Several, in fact. A few of them are actually one of the driving forces for why I want to join DraftKings. Here’s how:

Missing The Boat Big Time

Soon, sports betting will be mainstream. It’ll be legalized in a huge chunk of the United States. ESPN will mention game spreads and daily fantasy regularly (using DraftKings branding from that recently-linked deal, of course). It’s a truly emerging industry — and one that I refuse to miss out on, especially after last time.

You see, long before I was of gambling age, two other niche hobbies dominated my day-to-day — video games and creating YouTube content. For instance, below is a completely over-the-top fictional action movie trailer I co-created that rivals cinematic masterpieces the likes of Die Hard. Moreover, I legit believe I was in the top 1 percentile of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare players (on Playstation 3, at least). Before you roll your eyes at me, no I don’t have evidence, but if you want to fire up the game, I can definitely prove my chops.

While eSports and YouTubers have entered the present-day lexicon, that was far from the case back in this period around 2011. Neither were the money-making machines they are today. Not even close.

Being the brain-yet-to-be-fully-developed high schooler I was at the time, I failed to foresee the explosive growth the two industries were about to undergo. Instead, off I went to college, leaving both hobbies behind — a choice that I’m convinced changed my entire career trajectory.

For real, if I would’ve stuck with it, there’s little doubt in my mind I would’ve “made it” in some capacity. Heck, the two hobbies have even converged as video-game streamers have become the most-popular YouTubers on the planet. Just maybe, I would’ve been like Ninja. Errr, scratch that, maybe Ninja would’ve been the second-coming of Eric Uribe — yes, I just did refer to myself in third-person and yes, I’m joking (maybe).

Anyways, not pursing YouTube and eSports has eaten at me over the better part of the last decade. What if I would have been born just three years later? What if I would’ve listed to my inner instincts, gone against the grain, and dedicated myself to the two much to the chagrin of society? Welp, could’ve, should’ve, would’ve.

At the end of the day, I have no one to blame but myself. But I’m not making the same mistake again. No chance.

Enter gambling. Once I entered college, this replaced the other two as my go-to hobby. Gone were the days of trash-talking over a video game lobby, new were the days of howling in violent, uncontrollable anger when a last-minute, garbage-time NBA foul flipped your +4.5 spread from a winner into a loser.

But to be completely serious: I’m a big believer in betting. And not just the potential dollar value of the industry either. No, it legit heightens the sports-watching experience. Big time.

I’ve always loved sports. But when you have something at stake on ’em, it completely ups the thrill level. With a bet on the game, every point and clock tick just matters more. Even when the game’s win-loss outcome has long been decided, an over/under wager will keep you glued to the screen to the final whistle.

Yet, most sports fanatics have never felt this excitement.


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