For me, DraftKings isn’t just a job, it’s THE job. And when I want something this bad, I go after it with every ounce of energy and thought I have — which led to the creation of this entire website and marketing campaign.

I know what you’re thinking, “why DraftKings out of all the thousands of other jobs out there?” Welp, there’s a short and long answer. The short answer is best encapsulated by a modern-day thinker I greatly admire named Naval Ravikant. Beyond angel investing in Silicon Valley, Naval can be found on Twitter, dropping philosophical tweets such as the one below:

It took me a long time to realize the above gem. But now that I’m fully aware of it, I’m no longer budging on the “what” and “who” of my career.

Enter DraftKings, the “who” in the aforementioned tweet. This company checks every box that I absolutely need going forward — energetic workplace, all-in strategy on digital and tech, but most of all, determined to disrupt their respective industry.

I touched on the first two checkboxes in-depth in other posts, which you can read up on here and here. However, let me add color to the industry-disruptor requirement, which carries the most weight for me.

Nothing — and I mean nothing — excites me more than innovation. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, perhaps it’s best to define what innovation even means given it’s become such a buzzword in business circles. My personal definition is as follows, “a novel idea, executed and communicated brilliantly, that either solves a problem entirely or adds enormous value.”

The last three words apply especially to DraftKings. It recognized a shift in how players bet and catered to that with user-friendly applications. And now, traditional betting entities are scrambling to catch up and build the infrastructure to support this titanic shift in how bettors get action.

Of course, the evolution of betting is far from complete. More change is on the horizon, whether that’s virtual reality or something else out of left field. Regardless, DraftKings has the nimbleness and know-how to pivot on a whim

I want to lead that change

Let’s circle back to the aforementioned tweet. Thus far, I’ve neglected to mention the “what” that’s referenced. In DraftKings’ case, that’s online betting — which just so happens to be a passion of mine.

My heart needs to be 100 percent into it




I’ve always been one

Non-average outcome