For me, DraftKings isn’t just a job, it’s THE job. And when I want something this bad, I go after it with every ounce of energy and thought I have — which led to the creation of this entire website and marketing campaign. I left it all on the table for this campaign. All of it!

I know what you’re thinking, “why DraftKings out of all the thousands of other jobs out there?” Welp, there’s a short and long answer. The short answer is best encapsulated by a modern-day thinker I greatly admire named Naval Ravikant. Beyond angel investing in Silicon Valley, Naval can be found on Twitter, dropping philosophical tweets such as the one below:

It took me a long time to realize the above gem. But now that I’m fully aware of it, I’m no longer budging on the “what” and “who” of my career.

Enter DraftKings, the “who” in the aforementioned tweet. This company checks every box that I absolutely need going forward — energetic workplace, all-in strategy on digital and tech, but most of all, a deep determination to disrupt their respective industry.

I touched on the first two checkboxes in-depth in other posts, which you can read up on here (culture) and here (digital-minded). However, let me add color to the industry-disruptor requirement, which carries the most weight for me.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, excites me more than innovation. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, perhaps it’s best to define what innovation even means given it’s become such a buzzword in business circles. My personal definition is as follows, “a novel idea, executed and communicated brilliantly, that solves a problem — either a known one or one the public has yet to even realize they have.”

DraftKings definitely meets that definition. It recognized a shift in how players bet and catered to that with user-friendly applications. And now, traditional gaming entities are scrambling to catch up and build the infrastructure to support this titanic shift in how bettors get action.

Obviously, the evolution of betting is far from complete. More change is on the horizon, whether that’s virtual reality or something else out of left field. Regardless, DraftKings has the nimbleness and know-how to pivot on a whim.

But here’s the thing: I don’t just want to merely witness change, rather, I want to lead the change. Every endeavor I’ve gotten myself into, I’ve attempted to innovate upon it. That’s evident by reading through the recommendations left by my peers. Heck, on my LinkedIn profile, I even include the below line in my about me section:

As technology and consumer tastes continue to evolve at breakneck speed, I’m consumed with being the disrupting force behind those changes.”

However, innovation doesn’t thrive alone. That’s a lesson I’ve learned the hard way recently in my career. The work environment needs to foster the exact same innovate-or-die mindset. If not, it’s akin to being on a hamster wheel loop.

This is why I’m absolutely convinced I can produce the best work of my career alongside the DraftKings team. I’m hard-wired to operate under the DraftKings environment — tech-first, constant evolution, and always challenging.

And me at my best benefits DraftKings in this emerging industry with never-ending competition. I want to help create a new lane for the company — and not just occupy the same lane as FanDuel or MGM. Doing so will create the market differentiation needed to finish tops in this booming sector.

Now let’s circle back to the aforementioned tweet from Naval. Thus far, I’ve neglected to mention the “what” that he referenced. In DraftKings’ case, that’s online betting — which just so happens to be a burning passion of mine.

Look, some people can fake passion, some people can’t. I definitely fall into the second group. If my heart isn’t 100 percent into something, then my work will suffer. My concentration will suffer. My energy will suffer. And without those three, I’m not at my absolute best.

Betting, though, I’m not at all worried about sustaining passion for it. Why? Because as the years have passed, my affinity for it has only shot up. Somehow, someway, I’m more vested in it today than when I first turned 21 years old and was dying to hit the blackjack table for the first time ever.

I attribute that increased interest to a multitude of factors — being a beat-up bettor myself, penning gambling advice on a weekly basis, and even wagering on the stock market. It’s this built-up interest that’ll get me out of bed each morning, ready to attack the day. It’s also this built-up interest that’ll keep me awake at night as my brain fires off one idea after another to drive the business. 

Alright, I’ve made my case why DraftKings is THE fit for me, but I’m convinced the rest of this marketing campaign will prove why I’m “the one” you need, too. Like I said at the start, I put everything I had into this pitch — 10,000-plus words of content, an over-the-top infomercial (with a working toll-free number), hired a team of creatives, and so much more! No detail has been overlooked in this presentation.

I hope these efforts prove I’m not your average marketer and if given the opportunity to work at DraftKings, you can expect non-average results that truly move the needle. In emojis, here’s what would happen if we do indeed unite forces:

👑 + 🐐 = 💯





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